Terms of Service

Although we have an excellent structure and professional machinery, our products are produced in an artisan way.

- This Sales Portal only sells the products ready without change (color, size and others) so they will be sent within 2 working days after the purchase.
- We also have dozens of other models for production after the order, with deadlines set. So if you want to know and buy other models, visit the portals:


e-Bay - JFCraftsSales

- We do not work with Custom Sizes, we only produce and market the advertised models!

- To know more about our work, to see photos and feedback of work done, visit:

Returns & Exchanges:

1 - You will have up to 30 days to return the product.

2 - Because it is the fragile product it is important that you ship back with the same security and protection as you received, so if possible keep the original packaging and the protections to facilitate, if the product returns damaged for not being adequately protected in the return shipment you may be charged a stock fee.

3 - In case of change, if we do not have a new product, we will be notified and combined the production deadline.

4 - In case of return of the product to refund the amounts paid, you will have to wait for us to have received the product back (please read the topic 2).

5 - Return shipping expenses will be negotiated accordingly, always prioritizing the fair and the satisfaction of both parties.